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About the team       

behind the scenes!

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Gigi & Billy x

It's Gigi & Billy here, welcome to the about us page,

here is everything you need to know about us!

Did you know?
We started our business during the
first national UK COVID-19 lockdown
in 2020!

Both big time bunny and animal lovers! Owners of 4 house rabbits. Two beautiful mini-lops, Lola & Pepe, one Netherland Dwarf Lop Chewy and Lop, Forest! Nominated as the ChewyChews taste testers!

  • What made us start ChewyChewsUK?

We had the idea to set up our own small business in May 2020. With an aim to create a eco-friendly, oat/seed-free, healthy small animal treats. We adopted our two mini-lop rabbits and noticed the lack of decent treats that were creative and colourful; available for rabbits to safely consume. The market seemed to be massively under-catered for.


  • Our passion & mission - advocates for animals welfare!

Animal safety and wellbeing is super important to us as individuals, we came to sadly realise there is a huge lack of transparency within the treat market for small animals as well as brands who sell treats labelled as safe, but in reality is not.

We are very conscious of harmful ingredients, such as oats and seeds within treats & those labelled incorrectly that are damaging to your pets health, contributing to GI Stasis and gut, digestive issues etc.


  • Why choose to order with us?

Well we have now been recommended by many vets and thousands of customers! Check out our many customer reviews. Our Chews should make all your furry friends super happy and not be unsafe in the slightest. We use the freshest fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs possible that assist with your rabbits digestion, have anti-cancer properties, assisting with the fur coat & teeth. Not to mention their overall happiness. With each base carefully created with the assistance of small animal nutritionists. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have regarding treat components.

Currently creating chews for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Mice, Rats & Hamsters - both young and old. 

Each order we give a personal touch. Priding ourselves on being unique, creative & catering for our customers as much as possible.


Now recognised as the U.K's No1 Handmade Treat business for Small Animals! Current Finalist of The Uk StartUp Awards & Animal Star Awards 2024. For 'Best Online Pet Business & Retail Start Up'.


  • Customer thoughts?

Cooking and baking these chews are so much fun. We have been overwhelmed by all the amazing reviews and support. We so happy you are all loving them as much as we do creating them. Read all our bunderful customer reviews on our homepage. You can also hop on over to our Instagram page, we keep all our customer unboxing stories within the icons.

  • The ChewyChewsUK beginning?

Originally we started baking in May, within our home kitchen! From there we created a page on Etsy, 22nd June 2020. gradually generating 5 star reviews throughout, so we looked to branch out and create our very own website. The journey so far has been fantastic, thank you to each & every one of you. With many partnerships & creations in the pipeline, we can't wait to show you everything we have planned.

  • Tips for storing our Chews?

Ensure you store the chews in a cool, dry area (preferably dark) We have found putting them in a container or jar is when they last their longest. Lasting anywhere from 6 months to over a year*. (*Dependent on storage condition) Any chews that have fruit toppings/active ingredients or large should be consumed by your furry friends 2-3 weeks after delivery. (these are specified in the individual product descriptions) Please keep all treats out of direct sunlight in order to avoid color fading & the chance of mould.

  • Delivery & International shipping?

We aim to dispatch no later than 5 working days after placing the order. (Bank holidays and seasonal periods may cause further delays due to increased orders) Delivery is currently worldwide. 

For more information visit our FAQs page and full details available via our Shipping page

For any further updates, head over to our Instagram page. We are very active over on Instagram, TikTok & Facebook.


Always happy to answer any questions in the comments or DM's. If you need anything urgent, please email us at or hop on over to our contact page.


  • What's ChewyChewsUK Zero Waste Goal?

Our packaging is both biodegradable and recyclable. All boxes, labels and disoveable filling is 100% recyclable - using only natural resources to package our deliveries, including brown paper boxes, tissue paper and paper thank you cards. For more information, hop on over to our Zero Waste Goal page.

  • Advocates of small animal adoption, rescuing and re-homing!

Gigi set up ChewyChewsUK Rescue Aid initiative in order to give back & support fellow rescues in need. We build up our wonderful customer donations into a bundle, then hold a vote via social media to send to a rescue center. Team Chewy also include lots of extras with each box. To learn how to donate, click here: Rescue Aid page or hop on over to 'How To Donate' within the store homepage.


  • The Team!

It all started with Gigi & Billy in 2020, then slowly branched out across the family as we grew. Now we have multiple team members heavily involved with the business. As we continue to expand, we hope our team will too!

To be featured, use #ChewyChewsUk to tag us in your posts and stories over on Instagram! 

Thank you for all your continuous support & look forward to baking & packaging each and every order.


Here's to many more years expanding our store, website & team. 

Big hugs from Team Chewy!

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