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You asked, we listened. Introducing Shapes Corner!

The new basics, budget-friendly category of the store.

What is 'Shapes Corner'?

Over the course of May and June 2024, our plan is to launch multiple basic & delicious treats - all jumbo packs and budget friendly. These are mixed bases and your go to chew for that daily treat! Suitable for all small furry friends.


This new style of jumbo pack is not only a tasty delight for your furry friend but also a low cost choice, offering both nutrition and savings in every bite. As our customers, you requested a product line priced at a great value whilst times are difficult with the cost of living crisis and rise of inflation, we thought what better than to offer a basic, yet delicious treat pack -

all flavours & containing 40 per bag!


With 40 chews per pack, not only will they last you a long time - we're also offering 4x the amount of chews we have compared to a standard pack for the same price!


Mixed flavors across all bases, giving your pets variety. Including beetroot, turmeric & mixed herb.

Great for homes with multiple small pets, rescue centers or those hungry furries who love their chews.


Size per shape: 1 x 1 inch est. Thin, crunchy & suitable for all teeth types.

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