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Gigi & Billy

Directors of ChewyChewsUK

Gigi is the Marketer, Creator, Baker & Designer of ChewyChews. Involved in the day-to-day running of the business.

Billy is Head of Development & Finances.

Jane - ChewyChewsUK


Project Manager & Head of Creativity at ChewyChewsUK

Jane creates all our themed & seasonal boxes with us, designs and works on projects like Valentines, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


Also assisting with baking, monthly boxes & wholesale.

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Assistant at ChewyChewsUK

Works alongside the team to assist with creativity, development and baking. 

Chewy - Face of ChewyChewsUK


Gigi & Billy's Netherland Dwarf Lop

Our teeny taste tester for ChewyChewsUK, also the latest member of the family who joined us May 2021. A free-roam indoor bunny.

Follow us on Instagram here.

Lola & Pepe - ChewyChewsUK

Lola & Pepe

Gigi & Billy's Minilops

Our fluff ball taste testers for ChewyChewsUK, also our amazing pair of outdoor free-roam Mini Lop bunnies who have been with us since May 2020. 

Our Instagram Rep Team

Rep Team

Instagram Exclusive

Head over to to find out more about our rep team, you can find their individual discount codes in their profile biographies.

Get 10% off your order!

We hold annual searches for more accounts to join our team.

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