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Our visit to The Hoppy Acre Animal Sanctuary & Rescue

ChewyChewsUK visit to @the_hoppy_acre rescue! We were thrilled to head over to meet Elliott & Magda at Hoppy Acre, two wonderful individuals helping to improve the lives of so many fluffy buns, cats & even squirrels!

We donated a box of goodies to the rescue as a little something for the rabbits. Elliott kindly walked us around and told us the story of every bun in the sanctuary, with most whom had previously terrible backgrounds with abuse and neglect, these precious souls are being cared for so well, with lots looking for their forever homes.

Billy & I, we're lucky enough to meet all the residents! It is truly inspiring how much these two individuals have sacrificed to rescue these animals and the day to day effort required to simply keep the rescue running.

Bringing awareness to Hoppy Acre is all that's required to help get these furry friends adopted, continue being funded and donated to! By simply sharing with your followers and clicking the link in their bio to contribute, it's helping keep this sanctuary going.

Lots more to come, including so many beautiful rabbits seeking a family. We made sure every one of them got a ChewyChews treat before we left!

Hop on over to check them out, we will be visiting again very soon! Hopefully in April, alongside our social media friends, Snoop & Missy and Pepper & Patch.