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The National Rabbit Festival - ChewyChewsUK October 2023

WOW. What a fantastic day!! Find out more about TNRF here.

@thenationalrabbitfestival Instagram.

We had a complete sell out.. literally! Within a matter of hours, not a treat left in sight

Hop on over to our Instagram page, click 'TNRF' story highlight to view all the wonderful photos and videos of the day. Including lots of amazing customers who came to support us on the day.

It's been such a wonderful, wholesome & heartwarming experience. To finally meet everyone within the industry, fellow small business owners, bunny lovers, long term customers, new customers, rescue owners & more!

We hope to see TNRF again next year. To have everybody in one place, celebrating their love for rabbits was super special & unique.

This was the first ChewyChewsUK festival stand we've put together & to have so many of you show your love for our small business, it was overwhelming to say the least. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We put our souls into this company every single day & to have you all recognize the efforts involved was truly incredible.

Anyway.. enough of me going on! You get the message, so thankful for you all.

Here's to TNRF 2024!

- Team ChewyChewsUK