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Zero Waste Goal

♻️ ChewyChewsUK Zero Waste Goal!

Zero Waste Goal at ChewyChewsUK.

Did you know that we have upgraded our packaging to provide only 100% compostable, recyclable and biodegradable paper bags with recycled plastic windows?

YES.. you may be thinking this isn't fully plastic free.. we aim to do this in the upcoming years, building a better future for our children and ensuring we are using only 100% plastic free packaging, alongside less gas and energy producing our treats. All part of the big plan!

As we grow, so will our financial ability to invest in more expensive packaging. As of now, we are doing our very best to remain competitively priced & to be an eco-friendly small business with what we have!

Thank you for all the continued support! With every change we all make, it contributes to a better planet for the future

More our Zero Waste Goal over on our website & posts coming shortly.

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