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ChewyChews Loyalty Rewards Club


In partnership with Smile, we have created more ways to unlock exciting perks, this is your all access pass to exclusive rewards. We give all our customers the option of generating loyalty points with every order placed!


We feel that it's important to reward loyalty and by giving you points you'll get money off future orders. When it's your birthday we will automatically add 200 points to your wallet as a little gift from us on your special day!

It's free to sign up, simply click the present icon on your screen, labelled 'ChewyChews Rewards', in the corner of your mobile, tablet or desktop.

How do I earn?

  1. Place an order = 5 Points for every £1 spent

  2. Follow us on Instagram = 45 Points

  3. Celebrate your birthday = 200 Points

How do I redeem?

Click the pop-up in the corner of your screen labelled 'ChewyChews Rewards', login & open your wallet. With every 100 Points we give you £1 off your order. For example once you've built 500 points, you will get £5 off the order placed. If you have points in your wallet, either copy the discount code or click redeem and the checkout is automatically updated. It's that easy!


Every time you redeem and spend your points, the wallet is updated and you will be emailed your remaining balance.


Any questions in relation to our reward club feel free to get in touch! If you are having any issues with opening or loading your wallet, contact Smile here.

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