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HayPigs x ChewyChewsUK

It's here! The ultimate collaboration. HayPigs x ChewyChewsUK.

We have partnered with the best, online, family owned, Guinea Pig enrichment business! created by Helen & Rik, based in the UK.

The range includes circus themed enrichment toys and feeders designed for guinea pigs and other small animals. Plus lots of yummy forage, toys & treats.

The HayPigs mission:

".. To enhance and enrich the everyday lives of small furries and their humans. We aim to achieve this through a combination of product innovation, education, a sense of fun and wonder and zeal for pet welfare and wellbeing."

As of this month, ChewyChewsUK are supplying lots of delicious handmade, grain-free chews for Piggies! We have our own treat section on their website, click here to shop.

Super proud to have another like-minded, caring family business now part of the ChewyChewsUK retailers. Wheek!

Big hugs,

Team ChewyChewsUK

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